Choosing to renovate your home is a tough decision. Deciding the duration of your remodel can be even more challenging. Before you even start renovations, be sure to plan out as many details as possible so you’re prepared for any outcome.

One of the key decisions you’re going to have to make before you remodel your home is how quickly you finish the project. Are you going to do the renovations over time or in one, intense period? Both of these options have their pros and cons, so let’s take a look at what you can expect.

Mother and daughter looking at their home renovation projectBudget

The first thing to consider when remodeling your home is your budget. Renovating your home all at once can get extremely pricey. Do you have sufficient money saved up? Do you have a construction loan or 2nd mortgage on your home that you can tap into? While you likely save more money in the long run, completing a renovation all at once can add up quickly.

Most contractors will require either a deposit, an upfront payment and/or scheduled payments throughout the project. Paying for a complete project will cheaper than paying for many small projects done one at a time.

Keep in mind that doing the renovations all at once will also incur non-construction related expenses. If it is a major remodel, your family will need to find a place to stay while your home is being renovated. Consider staying in an RV or camper parked on the property or possibly with nearby friends or family. If that is not an option, an extended stay at a hotel will quickly have a significant  impact on your budget.

Remodeling over the course of an extended period will allow you to spread the costs over a longer period of time. If you have to pay out of pocket for most of the projects, longer may be better. Be aware that you will likely pay your contractor more over time if you have to do multiple projects.

Type of Home & Homeowners Association Restrictions

The kind of home that you live in will impact the feasibility of extending a remodeling project. A home remodel can be significantly different if you live in a single family dwelling, a condo, or even a duplex. If you own a condo and you would like to renovate it, check with your Home Owners Association if there are home remodel restrictions. Some Associations require pre-approval for all work. Other Associations require specific measures must be taken to not inconvenience your neighbors. Some neighborhoods have construction work hour restrictions and noise ordinances. Again, check with your City and County Ordinances and local Home Owners Association for restrictions and considerations.

It is typically better to renovate a condo or duplex all at once. If multiple renovations will require multiple approvals, it’s better to do it all at once. Beyond the risk of not getting approved again, your neighbors may get tired of constant work on your condo.

If you are in a multi-level apartment or condo, you may need to book cargo elevators for the materials and reserve contractor parking. Many condo management boards charge their residents for every month that their apartment is undergoing renovations. In this situation, the quicker you complete the job, the less you will be charged.

On the other hand, if you live in a house, you typically won’t have any trouble renovating your home for as long of a time as you want. However, that changes if you have an overbearing homeowner’s association. Regardless, as long as your renovations aren’t a nuisance to anyone else, they shouldn’t be a problem.

May painting his home renovation project himselfConvenience

When you remodel your home you will need to consider if it’s more convenient to do it quicker or to spread the project out over time. Everyone has different when their home is being renovated. Some people prefer to complete their remodel as quick as possible, even if it means temporarily moving away to do so.

Of course, spreading the remodel out over time presents its own challenges. Consider the need to move your things in and out of the house before and after the renovation process. Where will you store your furnishing and how much will it cost? You’ll also have to consider if you have to move out of the house. Do you have family to stay with? Do you need to temporarily rent another home? Although staying with family may be less expensive, it can present a burden on your relationship as project times lengthen. On the other hand, temporarily renting a second home can get extremely expensive.

Others may prefer to stay behind in their home while the work gets done one room at a time. This will present its own set of problems. For example, it will be impossible to cook while the kitchen is being renovated, and you’ll need at least two bathrooms if you plan on renovating one.

Family members will also have to share bedrooms as each bedroom gets remodeled. As you can see, renovating your home is either going to be convenient or expensive, depending on the way you want to tackle it.

Uniform Look

The final thing to consider when deciding between remodeling your home all at once or over time is whether or not your home is going to have a uniform theme or look throughout. If the renovations are being done all at once, maintaining a consistent look is easier. You are more likely to utilize the same contractor and the style will be more consistent. On the other hand, if your projects extends out over time, your style and preference may change. This might cause inconsistency in the uniform theme of your home.

Shortening the duration of your remodel will allow you and your contractors to stick to a vision. Your contractors’ work and your vision will be more in sync, ensuring that everything looks as uniform as possible. On the other hand, if you get the work done over time, then there’s no guarantee that the same contractors will always be available. They may be busy on other projects and may not be able to help when you need it.

Consistency between contractors may not be an issue if you want to have a different design for each room. For example, you may prefer a modern kitchen but want a more welcoming living room. In this case you can split the renovations between two different teams without a problem.

Be sure you consider the availability of building materials. This become more urgent with the finishing touches of a remodel project. Sometimes manufacturers discontinue certain colors and fixtures. If items become unavailable you may have to switching models mid-project. This is a particular point of emphasis when you’re working with granite or other types of stone. One way to avoid stock-outs or discontinued items is to purchase all your stone, fixtures and hardware all at once. This can be very expensive and it may be difficult to find adequate space to store everything over an extended time.


As you can see, there are benefits and disadvantages to each option. We hope that we’ve outlined the major ones for you. We wish you luck in your future renovations, regardless of whether you choose to do them all at once or over a longer period.

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