Finishing a room is a lot harder than it may seem, especially if you want to do everything yourself. You may take a DIY approach or you may hire someone else to get the job done. Regardless of your choice, you’ll still need to make sure of a few things. You’ll want to ensure that your room’s design can come out looking like you imagined it.

The design process behind a room is a massive part of how it ends up. A part of it is dealing with finer aspects like the finishing touches. This can add some much-needed life to a space. Your room is a place where you’ll likely spend a lot of time (whether awake or asleep). So, making sure that it looks good is essential.

We’re going to discuss some of the most important steps that you’ll need to take. After this, you’ll have the idea on how you can finalize your room the right way. You could also check our primer on how to make the big decisions before you even start building your room. When combined with all things that you’d learn here, you’ll know everything that you need to.

Picking the Right Accessories for a Finished Look

accessories that make a room stand out

The right set of accessories is the most important thing to add to your room when you’re putting in the finishing touches. When you’re picking them out, you’ll always want to account for the rest of the room’s design. Doing this will help ensure that they fit into the overall look that you’re going for.

Accessories can range from things as simple as lamps to works of art lining the walls. When accessorizing a room, you’ll also want to pay attention to the extras. They will likely affect the color balance, particularly when emphasized against the walls. This is why you’ll typically want to paint the walls in neutral colors.

Keep in mind that the inclusion of accessories can make or break the design of a room. If you add too many accessories, things can start looking cluttered, which brings us to our next point.

Dealing With a Room That Feels Cluttered

If you’ve put a lot of effort into building a room and making it perfect, then you may be dismayed to find that things look too busy once you have put everything together. Thankfully, there are a few ways to ensure that the room doesn’t stay that way, though it will involve sacrifices.

Usually, a room will feel cluttered if you put too much furniture in it for its size, though it can also depend on the size of the furniture itself. If you have a large bed and a large sofa coupled with a high-capacity dresser, then you may be struggling to move around in the room.

Draw up the room as a grid, take accurate measurements, and remove whatever doesn’t leave you with enough space to move around without any trouble.

A personalized touch with sayings and photosDon’t Be Afraid to Personalize for a Finished Touch

Personalizing a room is what makes it truly yours, and this is still the case if you’re designing the room for someone else. If you’re making a room for your child, then incorporate some of the things that they love into the design. Doing so would make them feel like the room was truly made for them.

Putting your passion into your room will also show any visitors that you truly care about the design. They’ll notice that you went to further lengths to make it your own.

However, you won’t want to make the rooms in a house too personal. Keep this in mind especially if you’re planning on eventually selling the home. Rooms with a more neutral design will offer additional resale value because they’ll be more likely to appeal to a potential buyer.

Finish the Walls First

room design with clean wall decorations

When you’re putting a room together, you’ll want to focus on finishing the walls before any other part of it. Painting walls is one of the dirtiest things that you can do. If you’re replacing the floor anyway, then you won’t have to worry about getting paint on it. This can potentially cause a stain.

Any work that needs to be done on the walls of a room needs to be tackled before you handle anything else.

Set the tone of the room for any other things you’ll add in the finishing touches. This is another advantage to dealing with the walls in a room before anything else. The color of the walls in a room sets the mood and the kind of theme that you’ll try to implement.

Experience the Room Design – before completing itcomfortable finishing touch

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they’re setting up a room is not fully experiencing it before they stop doing the work on it. One of the smartest things that you can do is take a pause when you’re setting things up and see how it actually feels to live in the room.

When things are mostly set up, take a few nights to rest in the room. Also, spend some time in it during the daytime. You’ll start to notice things which don’t quite fit or potentially get in the way. You can make these adjustments while you still have time. Doing this early in the process would make things easier for you than having to do so at the last minute.

Avoid Trendy Pieces as a Finishing Touch

Adding a trendy piece to the room may seem tempting. However, you’ll often find that it isn’t worth the effort unless you’re going to commit to remodeling the place regularly. A trendy piece will only work for as long as that trend lasts. Even the longest of them won’t be able to make it past the two-year mark.

After that point, the room will start looking dated, and you’ll want to replace that piece as soon as possible. Of course, trendy accessories can be added to a room if they’re relatively affordable and easily replaced. This can even add some flavor to the area as the trends come and go.

Most of the time, you’ll want to follow your own ideas when designing a room. This is one of the best ways to add a personal touch to a room that you’re finishing up. It’s better than subscribing to a trend that will end up fizzling out anyway.

artist drawings on wall add a personal finishing touch

Incorporate Hobbies into the Room

There are ways to tastefully include anyone’s hobbies in the design of the room. However, this may sound like it can lead to some questionable design decisions. Just be sure that you don’t make these elements overbearing. They can end up ruining a room if used excessively.

For example, if you are making a room for an artist, then incorporating a few pieces of modern or classical art can help add an extra touch to the room. On the other hand, a woodworker or metalworker may like to see a piece of work that they’re proud of on display in their room.

Whatever you do, don’t base the entire look of the room around someone’s hobby. That’s how you end up with themed rooms which may sound good on paper but look terrible in practice. The thing to take away is that you shouldn’t outright avoid the occupant’s interests. That means they can provide you with some helpful inspiration.

TVs Need to be Complemented in a Room Design

Some people like drifting to sleep over the sound of their favorite show or movie. That’s why most rooms will likely have a TV inside of them. However, adding a TV to a room creates a problem when the area around it looks bare. You’ll need to make sure that it doesn’t, as that will detract from the look.

A lone TV decorating a bare wall would make a room look devoid of ornamentation. This is still the case, even if accessories were lining every other part of it. Add things along the sides of the TV so that it doesn’t look like it’s out of place in your room.

Things like speakers, an entertainment center or even artwork on the sides of a TV will make perfect finishing touches and make the TV look like it’s integrated into the room instead of being an afterthought.

Make Sure That Any Shelving is Sleek and Organized


Shelves can make or break a room. They play a crucial role in giving you a spot to place anything that would otherwise clutter things up. However, choosing the wrong shelves can actually make a room look worse. So, you’ll want them to look good, and you’ll also need to organize them properly.

Pick a clean, modern design for your shelves. Minimalistic ones are typically preferred when compared to more complicated ones.

Your shelves shouldn’t just be a place where you put things that you don’t have any room for. They should be integrated into the design of the room. To that end, consider where you place items on the shelves, and ensure that their distribution is balanced enough to look good.


The finer points of a room can have a huge effect on the final impression, and your job isn’t done until you’ve addressed every one of them. We hope that this article has helped you do so, and we wish you luck in designing your room.

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